Caitlin Kalinowski

Head of Mechanical (Product Design) Engineering

Caitlin Kalinowski heads up Product Design Engineering at Oculus, the team responsible for the mechanical architecture and product design engineering of the Oculus Rift and Touch products. Before working at Oculus, Caitlin was a technical lead at Apple on the Mac Pro and MacBook Air lines, and was part of the original unibody Macbook Pro team. Caitlin received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Caitlin is passionate about increasing the number of women and other underrepresented minorities in the ‘elds of technology and design. She believes strongly that the next generation of products must be designed and engineered by people with diZerent backgrounds and experiences in order to output the best possible product. Caitlin is also a board member for wogrammer, a nonpro’t promoting the visibility of technical women computer scientists and engineering. She lives in San Francisco with her wife and their Maltese puppy.