Brigitte Dreger is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at StockPick, a Toronto-based fintech startup developing a video-based social network and educational platform for retail investors.
With nearly 10 years of experience in go-to-market strategies for SAAS and mobile app startups, she has championed workplace diversity, inclusion, and happiness across her leadership roles. Brigitte has been among the first five employees at three Canadian startups before co-founding StockPick. In 2015, she was the first hire at the Biomedical Zone, Canada’s first hospital-based incubator for digital health products, where she developed and built an operating structure and clinical validation program for early-stage startups. Brigitte was also the first Director-level hire at BioRender (YC ’18), one of Toronto’s fastest-growing startups, where she led growth marketing and community, and Head of Marketing at Rethink Solutions (acquired by Deloitte).
As a bisexual woman, Brigitte is dedicated to building inclusive, diverse workplaces that celebrate our differences and ensure ethical approaches to product development. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Professional Writing and a Master’s Degree in Communications. She lives with her soon-to-be-wife and two chihuahua mixes, Rosie and Mabel.

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