Beth Richard (Her/She) – Computer Chip Logic Design Engineer and now Manager.

Beth receiver her B.S. in Electrical Engineering with Digital Systems focus in 1985 from Tri-State University (now Trine University) in Angola, IN.
She began designing computer chips in the late 1980s. Chips she has designed are used in networks in submarines; interface control chips in PCI, PCI-Express, USB-1, and USB-3; computer chipsets in desktop and server systems; graphics processors; and now in augmented reality systems under development at the Facebook Reality Labs. Over her 36 years in the industry she has worked at companies as diverse as General Electric, Commodore Computers, Compaq Computers, HP, Texas Instruments, Intel, castAR (now Tilt Five), and Facebook.

Beth was a founding member of Compaq’s LGBTQA ERG in 1996 and served as their HR Liaison from 1998-2003. She was the co-chair of TI’s LGBTQA ERG 2005-2009. She served as Site Committee Chair and later Corporate Steering Committee Secretary at Intel’s LGBTQA ERG from 2010-2015. During that time, she was a key player in getting both HP and TI to 100% for their first time, and on helping Intel return to 100% on the HRC CEI.

Beth and her spouse of 34 years,Teresa Richard, race their Lightning dinghy and also small keelboats at Half Moon Bay Harbor near their home. Beth also plays early music on the Gaelic Wire Strung Harp and enjoys creating art through calligraphy and illumination.

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