PhD Researcher

Hi, I’m Anna – lovely to meet you. I work at the nexus of the technological and cultural sphere: I research spatial and social phenomena and now embark as a PhD researcher at UCL. My long-term fascination is with communication technologies and their effect on spatial events: technologies that nurture identities that likely remain invisibilised in local social acts, or the online organising by a different logic than dominant identities in physical space.

I’ve researched and published on the relationship between social networks and urban physical form (UCL, and Space Syntax Symposium). On these idea developments, I will be speaking on forming a genderqueer identity in complex social systems such as the Internet while comparing it to physical structures such as big cities.

My political subjectivity is shaped while growing in Nordic socialism and in the pressures of several relocations in Europe: specifically the different social norms in which localised forms of femmephobia, cis- and heteronormativity and the positioning of immigrants are embedded. An inspiration to this talk is a personal two years’ social transformation since arriving in London.

Summits Attended: 2017 London

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