Senior Solution Engineer

Finding solutions to challenges for humanitarian and socio-economic issues by using GIS technology drives Amanda Stanko in her role as a Senior Solution Engineer at Esri. From food insecurity to disaster relief and access to healthcare, every day brings a new challenge or issue to tackle.

During the pandemic, she began a project with Feeding America | Riverside-San Bernardino (FARSB) to develop a solution to the challenges of getting food and resources to the food-insecure population during the COVID-19 pandemic. When COVID halted our lives in March 2020, Feeding America was no longer able to accept volunteers in their warehouse facility to pick up and deliver food to those who needed it most.

Amanda worked with FARSB to develop a suite of apps to take a food delivery program from spreadsheets to maps, using a survey for the community to submit requests, an app for volunteers to assign themselves deliveries, and a dashboard for managers to keep track of the entire process. This implementation is still being used today to ensure those in need get the necessary food and resources for themselves.

She’s also helped Esri’s Disaster Response Program respond to Hurricane Harvey in 2017, mapping the hurricane and the impact it had on the Texas community and its infrastructure.

Working with a colleague, Pat Dolan, who was diagnosed with ALS disease in 2016, they developed a series of mapping applications to address care, research, and community for ALS patients and caregivers. Starting with just Pat and Amanda early 2021, the project has grown to now include Johns Hopkins University, the CDC, and Dept Veteran’s Affairs, the ALS Association, and the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations. This is an ongoing project that drives hope in the ALS community to help understand this incurable disease.

At Esri, she is part of the Geo Experience Center – where visitors can learn about the technology through hands-on experiences. At the Geo Experience Center, visitors are guided through demonstrations of uses and applications of GIS and the ArcGIS system. Amanda is well-versed in Indoor GIS and uses a robot to demonstrate Indoor workflows. She says that Temi the robot is always a big hit with visitors.

When she’s not making maps, she’s taking care of her array of pets or out adventuring somewhere in nature.

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