Head of Software, Mobile & Firmware Development at Blink

Allison Perkel is a Vice President, Technology at Capital One, where she leads an emerging line of business whose mission is to bring the amazing software we’ve built at Capital One and deliver it to market. She is also helping to expand Capital One’s presence in Boston by actively recruiting talent to grow her team and incubate new products.

During her 25 year career, Allison has set and led the strategy around moving, transforming and launching new products on the cloud. Allison has been involved in the Boston tech scene for most of her career. She has advised and worked at several Massachusetts startups. Most recently, she was Vice President of Engineering at Carbon Black, Inc. where she was responsible for the Protection Product, Endpoint Engineering and the Backend AWS team.

Allison has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. When not making the world a better place through technology, she can be found with her camera documenting the world around her. You may also find her cheering for the Yankees.

Summits Attended: 2020 Debug

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