I have cultivated a deep-rooted passion for the intersection of technology, Healthcare, and innovation. My academic journey began at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in Data Engineering and Digital Health. Presently, I am dedicated to continuing my education through a Master’s program in Digital Innovation, with a focus on Health and Medical Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship. During these last years, I gained valuable experience working in hospitals and healthcare companies. My academic and social background enabled me to participate in various competitions, hackathons, and volunteering activities, including academic conferences, COY 15, and Pride at Madrid. My multicultural upbringing has given me a unique perspective and a strong drive to make Healthcare more accessible and equitable through technology.
As a speaker at the Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Pride Summit, I am excited to share my journey into the future of Healthcare and highlight the transformative potential of Real-World-Data in forging personalized medicine solutions.

Summits Attended: 2024 Pride

Diverse representation is a priority for us. We're proud to say that our Summit speakers are 80% queer women, 50% women of color, 25% Black & Latinx, and 15% transgender and gender nonconforming.