Alida Draudt

Capital One; ASU Threatcasting Lab

Futurist, service design strategist, empathetic researcher and business designer – Alida seeks to find and understand the fringe ideas that are poised for large disruption. Based out of San Francisco and Capital One’s first Futurist, Alida has a background in design and innovation firms, as well as an MBA in Strategic Foresight and Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. She also works as a Futurist with the Threatcasting Lab out of Arizona State University in conjunction with the Army Cyber Institute working to highlight possible cyber threats to America on the 10-year horizon. Her passion for bringing the future to bear in the present has driven both personal and professional projects. Recent futures projects span a variety of subjects including The Future of American Public Housing 2025, Future of Money 2020, Implications of 4D Printing and Programmable Matter, Blockchain applications, and Banking 2022. Alida’s first co-authored book with Julia Rose West, What the Foresight, launched on Amazon in September 2016.