Aída Sancho López
Product Manager at Medallia

In 2021, Aída landed her Product Management role in the mist of the pandemic, working 100% virtually back then. Previously she had a position as Implementation Consultant for a talent management software company. She has worked onsite and offsite with top Fortune 500 clients in US and Europe.

She has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Coaching and Cultural Change. She designed programs for leadership development and team building strategies, that helped scale startups in Latam.

She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Administration and holds a Product Management certification.

Aída started working in technology after her thirties, when she discovered that the IT industry is where she wanted to be. Being open-minded and clear in her communications took her where she is today, besides technical knowledge.

She would not be as creative as she is if it wasn’t for her tango and flamenco dancing lessons. In her own words, having a hobby totally unrelated to work is a must for producing fresh ideas.

Summits Attended: 2022 Pride

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