Agatha Oliveira

Agatha Oliveira

Senior Software Development Engineer
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Agatha Oliveira is a Software Development Engineer with 5 years of experience in various industries who currently works for Amazon in the Scheduled Delivery team.
Agatha graduated with an B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She then earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from New York University.
After graduating from her undergraduate degree, Agatha started her career as a Software developer working as a Technology Analyst for Goldman Sachs. There she worked on financial systems responsible for managing the books and records of the firm. After two years at Goldman Sachs, Agatha was seeking other opportunities and joined 1st Dibs, an online marketplace for luxury and rare items, as a Java Software Developer. There she developed software to support e-commerce transactions and communications with the company’s customers leveraging the AWS infrastructure.
Later, Agatha was recruited by Amazon and accepted a new role as a Software Development Engineer. During her time at Amazon Agatha launched several successful services that used AWS technologies. Agatha is also a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

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