Adria Richards


Adria Richards is a developer providing consulting services to startups focused on increasing productivity, communication and digital equality in the workplace. Most recently, Adria was brought in to work with The Level Playing Field Institute and Black Girls CODE to organize a series of youth focused hackathons, designing age appropriate hackathon curriculum, developed mentor training for technical volunteers, produced surveys to collect qualitative feedback and managing the event logistics. Previously Adria has worked in technical and training roles for enterprise, nonprofits and startups, from Apple to Zendesk, empowering companies to create authentic value for their customers. She has spoken at major tech conferences including SXSW and O’Reilly Web 2.0, as well as startups and universities like Heroku and Stanford. Adria has been interviewed by major media outlets including The Rachel Maddow show, NPR, and Black Enterprise Magazine. Adria is an API, ruby and hardware hacker. In her free time Adria has been an advisor for Transh4ck, a transgender hackathon series and is a popular judge and mentor at hackathons in the Bay Area. In her free time Adria works through programs like GirlDevelopIT and RailsBridge to teach women how to code. Living in the Bay Area, she has built a diverse and responsive community of fans and peers online.