Reminder, all events need to be in a sponsorship package. If you are interested in co-hosting an event with our team, please email Sponsor@lesbianswhotech.org.

Understanding Our Recruitment Event Process

Congratulations, you are hosting a Recruitment & Retention event at the 7th Annual San Francisco Summit. These events are one of the best ways to build deeper relationships with your top recruits, engage & retain your current employees, and build your employer brand. 

The 7th Annual San Francisco Summit is a 3 day technology conference in The Castro District. We will take over the neighborhood for Summit & your team will be taking over one of the venues in The Castro from 1-2 hours for your recruitment & retention event. 

Please complete the below form to tell us more about your goals for your event. We will take the information you enter to match you with a venue, time frame, type of event, build a curated list of Summit attendees for your team to invite, and support moving forward.

Tell us about your event strategy ::

  • Target Attendees

    Tell us more about the folks you are looking to attend your recruitment event. Please note, the more senior your selection, typically the smaller/more intimate we recommend your event strategy be:

  • (select all that apply)
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  • (If you had to choose a priority.)
    (Food & Beverage) This helps us match you to a venue based on your goals.
  • Understanding the Process & FAQs

    Venue :: Food & Beverage

    • Upon completion of this form, our team will match your team with a venue in the Castro along with a time frame to host your event.
    • Lesbians Who Tech & Allies will work directly with the venue selected and send over your options for Food & Beverage.

    Creative Direction of your Event

    • As Partners, you have full creative freedom and design autonomy to execute your event per your team's goals/budget.
    • We ask that all speaking engagements be limited to 15 minutes or less and be mindful of the seniority and diversity of any speakers addressing the group.
    • Lesbians Who Tech & Allies will coordinate with the venue directly on your behalf to ensure a smooth and timely process. As questions arise, we'll communicate with them directly to have your back and act as a point guard in making sure the event logistics go as expected.


    • Lesbians Who Tech & Allies will curate a list of top candidates that most closely match the criteria you’ve indicated above and share with your team.
    • In addition, we will also send invites to our personal larger pool of talent that also matches your criteria. Because this larger pool consists of folks who only consented to being contacted directly by Lesbians Who Tech & Allies, we will invite them to your event on your behalf.

    On-site Support / Day of Execution

    • As partners, you are responsible for managing on-site entry to your event. We want our partners to manage this in case someone is not on the list, but you’d like to grant them access to your event.
    • Lesbians Who Tech & Allies will provide a volunteer staffed at your event. This person will be your point of contact in case any issues arise.

    ***Reminder : Everyone attending your event will need a full access pass to attend, this includes all members of your team.

    Full Process and Timeline

    March 6th→ Complete the recruiting event form :: To get the ball rolling, you will need to submit your completed Recruiting Event Form ASAP. Due to the volume of events, If we do not receive this completed form by March 6th, your team will forfeit your Recruitment & Retention Summit event.

    March 13th → Event Details Confirmed :: Our team will confirm via email no later than March 10th, your event venue, type, placement, and time. Any revisions needed to these details will need to be flagged no later than a week from this date.

    March 13-17 → Strategy Call :: We will set up a call with your team to walk through logistics, discuss strategy and answer any questions.

    April 1st → Receiving Your Candidate Invite List :: We will send over a google doc with all Candidates that match the criteria you selected on the recruiting form above by April 1st.

    April 1st → Receiving Your Event RSVP Form :: We will send your team a link to your event’s RSVP form that your team will include in your invites driving folks to RSVP for your invite-only event at Summit.

    April 6th → Email Draft for Candidate Invites Approved :: Your team sends Lesbians Who Tech & Allies the email copy that your team will send out inviting folks to attend your event for approval including the link to your event’s RSVP page that we’ve built.

    April 8th → Sending The Invite Out To Invited Candidates :: Your team sends invites out, we will track RSVPs as they come in and support accordingly.

    April 8- April 23rd → Track Your Pipeline :: We will update your Google Doc with RSVPs on an on-going basis as they come in and support as needed. Your team will use the RSVP list to check folks in at the door of your event.

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