So you’re applying or confirmed to speak at a Lesbian Who Tech & Allies Summit? High fives!

Here are some #pro-tips for submitting content: 
Get inspired! Need Inspiration or ideas of what types of topics have resonated with our audience in the past? Check out our past summit agendas. 


Something that makes our Summits unique is the tech-heavy, innovation-focused, future-thinking talks. Check out this year’s themes to help guide your topic selection:
  • Generative AI Workshops: GenAI for Productivity, Gen AI For Product Leaders, Gen AI for Engineers, Gen AI for Sales Leaders and GenAI for Advertisers
  • Health & BioTech
  • AdTech & Marketing Automation
  • Media & The Future of Content
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Emerging Technologies, Quantum Computing, Blockchain & AI
  • Energy & Climate Innovation
  • Sports Innovation
  • The Future of Work
  • Technical Content Designed for Engineers & Product Teams

Format & Description

  • The majority of our talks are TED-Style, single speaker talks. Speakers can use slides to support their talk, if they prefer.
  • We love workshops! Our workshops are interactive, supported by slides, and have clear takeaways for attendees.
  • Fireside Chats: We have a small number of keynote fireside chats.
  • Your Talk Title: We don't need your final talk title, but the more information you submit, the better.
  • Overview of the talk you want to present will also be needed, but is not required, when submitting your talk idea. The overview/description will give the attendees a look into what will be covered and what they can expect to learn from your session.

Speaker Headshots & Bios


Your headshot is essential to your speaker profile and serves as attendees' first impression of you. Here are the guidelines for submitting your headshot:

  • Format: Please ensure your headshot is in JPG or PNG format.
  • Size: The image should be no smaller than 900x900 pixels, if possible..
  • Submission: A headshot is required for all speakers. If you do not provide one, we will seek out an image online.

A compelling bio is crucial to showcasing your expertise and engaging with the audience. Here’s how you can make the most of your bio:

  • Submission: Please provide a brief speaker bio, approximately 5-7 sentences.
  • LinkedIn: If a bio is not provided, we will first check your LinkedIn profile for this information.
  • Drafting: If we cannot find a bio on your LinkedIn profile, we will draft one on your behalf.

Things To Know About Summit:

  1. We love Technical & Innovative Talks: Technical and innovative talks are at the heart of our Summit.
  2. We are a tech and business conference — not a women's conference, not a lesbian conference, not a diversity conference. Think SXSW meets TED.
  3. We LOVE technical forward content. The content can be high-level, but think about what the attendee will walk away with learning. Content should build skills or educate.
  4. We are not a diversity conference. We are a tech and business conference where the speakers reflect our most brilliant leaders. Please do not submit “how to be a woman in tech,” “my journey coming out,” or “why diverse teams are better teams.”
  5. We love industry trends and big ideas from topics that have huge impacts in our sector.
  6. We love creative talk titles: Your talk title is what grabs the attendee's attention so make it creative and engaging.
  7. Leadership and career growth content: Make it very clear what the attendee will learn through your talk title. This is the most competitive area, so if you submit topics in this area, make them engaging and feel free to submit more than one idea.
  8. Social good and justice content: If you do go this route, please make it clear what lessons the attendee can learn outside of how technology can impact an issue.
  9. When coming up with content for your talk, consider:
    • What are the innovative ways your company is tackling industry challenges and solving critical problems?
    • How is innovation changing the way your company does business?
    • How is your company using new technologies to innovate?
    • What are the unique ways your company uses AI?
    • How are the latest tech trends impacting the way you work?