Partner Events Kick-Off Form

We’re so excited to partner with your team on an upcoming event! Please read the following details and complete the form below to get started!

All events need to be in a sponsorship package. If you are interested in co-hosting an event with our team, please email


Types of Partner Events

  1. Networking Event :: Capacity ranges from 50 – 200 people. It is held on a weeknight for 2-3 hours depending on the city, and the focus is on building deeper relationships with local, badass techies.
  2. VIP Dinner :: Capacity ranges from 15 – 50 people. It is held on a weeknight for 2-3 hours depending on the city, and the focus is on targeted recruiting and relationship building with senior- or executive-level techies.


Our team is responsible for handling invites. Networking Event invites are sent via mass emails to our local community or an event post online (not curated). VIP Dinner invites are sent out 1:1 and are focused on a set of skill criteria (curated).


Our sponsors are responsible for providing or securing the venue for the co-hosted event. Networking Events are most frequently held at our partner’s offices, and VIP Dinners are held at a local restaurant. When working with a third-party venue, our sponsors are responsible for selecting the venue, securing it, and coordinating logistics. All additional event costs (e.g. food/bev) are not included in the sponsorship cost and will need to be covered by our sponsors.


The date and city of the event will be selected/approved by the Lesbians Who Tech & Allies team with consultation of our sponsor’s preferences.


We oftentimes will try to provide a photographer. However, when we are able to do so, it is a bonus. We ask that your team also have a photographer or a member of your team in attendance taking photos during your event.

Speaking Engagement

Your team can program a speaking engagement or welcome address during your Networking Event or VIP Dinner. We ask that you keep the speaking portion of the event to under 15 minutes as the focus of both events are relationship building & networking. We also encourage you for dinners to suggest a topic of discussion for the group. The Lesbians Who Tech + Allies cannot provide support on programming a speaking engagement during the event.

Attendee Data

Our team will share the attendee info for all RSVPs with your team the day of the event and after the event. If you need to check people in or give the list to security, we will share the list 24 hours prior to the event. All events have to use our registration process.

On-site Support

The Lesbians Who Tech & Allies team loves to attend all of our co-hosted events. However, depending on availability and location of the event, we might not be able to send a member of our team to attend. Margaret Clark and Michelle Skoor will be your team’s main point of contacts leading up to the event and will be on-call during the event to support if needed.

Branded Materials/Creative Direction

We love when our sponsors get creative on ways to build out an amazing event. We do ask that any co-branded materials be approved by our team and that the use of rainbows be reserved for events held around Pride.

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