Please join us in New York on September 12-14th for the first ever Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Leadership Summit for mid-level and executive non-binary, LGBTQ women and our allies. This summit will  bring our most accomplished leaders for an intimate conference focused on both technology trends and all things YOU. This will be a smaller Summit from past New York Summits because we want to focus on a more curated experience for our mid-level and executive members. We will be hosting satellite events that are open to everyone during the Leadership Summit. Please apply if you are interested in both our Leadership Summit or our Satellite events.


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50% Executive Level
50% Technical Skills
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80% Non-Binary & Queer Women
20% Woman Allies
50% Women of Color

25% Black or Latinx
10% Trans or Non-binary


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Full Summit Agenda

Tech Crawl + Kickoff Party
Opening Keynote


8:00 am
Badge Pickup + Doors Open

8:30 am
Teach Leadership Breakfast {Invite Only}

All Day: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Recruitment Zone // All Locations

Submit Your Resume Online + Find a Job

Glorious Morning Keynotes

9:30 am
Welcome // Stage 48, Main Stage

Leanne Pittsford, Founder & CEO, Lesbians Who Tech + Allies

9:40 am
Let’s Get This Summit Started // Stage 48, Main Stage

Andrea Minkow, Andrea Minkow Consulting

Danielle Moodie-Mills, VP, SKDK & Host of #WokeAF on Sirius XM

9:55 am
The Intersection of Tech & Human Rights // Stage 48, Main Stage

Malika Saada Saar, Public Policy & Government Relations Senior Counsel-Civil & Human Rights,

10:10 am
PANEL: Leadership Lessons, Persistence & How to Become a Boss // Stage 48, Main Stage

Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Executive Editor, Teen Vogue

Edith Perez, Former VP & Head of the U.S. BioOncology Med & Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Julie Harris, Managing Director, Asset & Wealth Management Ops, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

10:35 am
Fireside Chat: The Future of Entertainment & Technology // Stage 48, Main Stage

Jane Lynch, Actress, Author, & Comedian

Kara Swisher, Co-founder, Recode

11:00 am
Break: Hello Bathroom Lines + New Friends

11.00 am
Software Engineer Meetup // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Meetups = Networking That Does Not Suck + Speed Mentoring

Late Morning Sessions

Stage 48, Main Stage

AI, Machine Learning & the Future of Work Hosted by PwC

Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Cybersecurity

Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Technology & the Resistance

Kimpton Hotel, Helvetica

11:30 am
What are Ethical Design Frameworks for Robotics & AI // Stage 48, Main Stage

Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

11:30 am
Preparing Your Organization for Automation // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Desiree Abad, Global Manager, Global Data News Automation, Bloomberg

11:30 am
The Cyber Threat Landscape // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Lillian Teng, Senior Manager Paranoids & Advanced Cyber Threats Team, Oath

11:30 pm Twitter, Tech, & Taking Trump Down in Court // Kimpton Hotel

Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Judicial Affairs Editor, Daily Kos

11.30 am Designers & Creatives Meetup // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Meetups = Networking That Does Not Suck + Speed Mentoring

How Big Data Failed Us in the 2016 election? Lessons for the 2018 Midterms // Stage 48, Main Stage

Rumman Chowdhury, Ph.D., Global Responsible AI Lead, Accenture

11.45 am
The Pros & Cons: How Distributed Work is Taking Over & Opening Doors // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Dana Lawson, VP of Engineering, InVision

11.45 am
What Even is a Cyber Attack? Practical Applications of a Data-Driven Response to Cyber Threats // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Marina Elmore, Security Engineer, Marcus, Goldman Sachs

11:45 am
3D Technology + Guns // Kimpton Hotel

Stasha Rhodes, Engagement Manager, Giffords

12:00 pm
Demystify Algorithmic Trading: How Data Science and Computer Science Transformed Trading // Stage 48, Main Stage

Stephanie Chang, VP, Senior Engineer in Algorithmic Trading, Goldman Sachs

12.00 pm
Digitize or Die: Secrets to Tech-enabling (& Future-proofing) Your Entire Workforce // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Kristy Lizarraga, Director, PwC

12.00 pm
The Status Quo Will Not Hijack Blockchain // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Kelcey Gosserand, GM and Head of Community at the Block & Co-founder of Women +

12:00 pm
Design-Thinking Exercise (45 mins) // Kimpton Hotel

Solving for Political Change: How to Design-Think Our Way Through Trump’s America

Jen-Mei Wu, Software Architect

12:00 pm
Trans + GNC Tech Meetup // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Meetups = Networking That Does Not Suck + Speed Mentoring

12:15 pm
Panel: Redefining Silicon Valley Culture // Stage 48, Main Stage

Danielle Moodie-Mills, VP, SKDK & Host of #WokeAF on Sirius XM

LaFawn Davis, Global Head of Culture & Inclusion, Twilio

Kristin Yetto, Chief People Officer, eBay

12.15 pm
What Science Fiction Holds for the Future of Work, Sex & Tech // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Jenn Hirsch, Global Technology Trend Scout, EY

12.15 pm
The State of Cryptocurrency // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Anvita Pandit, Software Engineer, Google

12.30 pm
Not All Machine Learning is Created Equal: The Power of Human Touch in Algorithms // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Nidhi Gupta, Senior VP of Technology, Hired

Get Your Grub On + Explore

1) Power Lesbian + Queer Women Lunch

Registration Required + Invite Only

2) Tech Leadership Lunch

Hosted by Accenture, Bloomberg, Prudential, and Blackboard

3) Ignite Lunch at Main Stage

Hosted by USDS

A Public Sector Journey for a Private Sector Techie, Clare Martorana, Product & Strat Ops,
Digital Service Expert, U.S. Digital Service

Ignite Talk: “Bipartisan” Tech: Building for Government in 2018, Kasia Chmielinski, Digital
Service Expert | Product Management, U.S. Digital Service

Ignite Talk: The Policy Pen & Technology Sword — a Bureaucracy Hacking Arsenal, Marvourneen Dolor, Deputy Executive Director, US Digital Service at Veterans Affairs

Main Stage Afternoon Sessions

Stage 48, Main Stage

Product, UX & Design Thinking

Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Economic Power: Ask Me  Anything: #AMAS

Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Leadership Lessons & Pro-Tips for Being a Boss

Kimpton Hotel, Helvetica

Meetups = Networking That Does Not Suck + Speed Mentoring

2:00 pm
The Complete History of Branding in 12 minutes // Stage 48, Main Stage

Debbie Millman, Designer, Author, Illustrator, Educator, Brand Consultant, Host of the
award-winning podcast “Design Matters”

2:00 pm
How to Design Inclusive Products // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Annie Jean-Baptiste, Global Product Inclusion Evangelist, Google

2:00 pm
Leading Without Authority // Kimpton Hotel Helvetica

Dominique DeGuzman, DevOps & Technical Program Manager, Twilio

2:00 pm
Queer Women of Color Meetup Hosted by Google // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

2.15 pm
Game-Changing Ways You Can Grow & Accelerate Your Career // Stage 48, Main Stage

Dara Johnson Treseder, CMO, GE Ventures

2:15 pm
Long-term Strategies for You Build it You Own it (YBYO) // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Jennifer Henderson, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Capital One

2:15 pm
Raising Venture-Capital Funding as a Minority // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Tiffany Aike Ho, VC Investor, Sherpa Capital

Beth Ferreira, General Partner & Former COO, Fab.com & Managing Director, Firstmark Capital

2:15 pm
Storytelling as the Next Big Skill: Unexpected Lessons from the Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Stage // Kimpton Hotel Meeting Room

Ginger Chien, Device Architect, AT&T

2.30 pm
Human-Centered Thinking: Are People Telling Us the Truth? // Stage 48, Main Stage

Mave Houston, Senior Director, User Research, Audible

The Dangers & Possibilities of Building an Agile Development Team // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Lade Ayediran, VP, Technical Product Manager, Goldman Sachs

2:35 pm
AMA — How to Build a Venture Firm // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Samala, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Jump Canon

2:30 pm
Rapid Development with HoloLens: Through the Eyes of My First MR Project // Kimpton Hotel, Helvetica

Aheri Stanford-Asiyo, Senior JavaScript Developer, Microsoft

2.45 pm
Panel: Lesson
in Scaling Venture-Backed Companies // Stage 48, Main Stage

Sarah Kunst, Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Member

Lorine Pendleton, Investment Partner, Portfolia, Startup Advisor, NY Chair, TIGER 21

2:45 pm
Soft Skills of Project Management: How to Drive Impact Through Emotional Connections // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Lexi Butler, Project Manager, Facebook

2:50 pm
AMA // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Debbie Millman, Designer, Author, Illustrator, Educator, Brand Consultant & Host of the
award-winning podcast “Design Matters”

2:45 pm
AMA — All Things Robotics // Kimpton Hotel, Helvetica

Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

3.00 pm
Persistence, Abundance & The Power of Capital // Stage 48, Main Stage

Arlan Hamilton, Founder of Backstage Capital

3:00 pm
Migrating to the Cloud: Pitfalls & Possibilities // Speakeasy, Main Stage 2

Miriam Lauter, Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

3:05 pm
AMA // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

Dara Johnson Treseder, CMO, GE Ventures

3:00 pm
AMA — Ethics in AI // Kimpton Hotel, Helvetica

Rumman Chowdhury, Ph.D., Global Responsible AI Lead, Accenture

3:00 pm

Meetup coming soon! // Kimpton Hotel, Press Lounge

3:30 pm
Take A Break

Have A Drink, Really, You Deserve It

Badass Closing Keynotes

Stage 48, Main Stage

4:00 pm
Fireside Chat: Persistence, Abundance & The Power of Capital // Stage 48, Main Stage

Leanne Pittsford, Founder & CEO, Lesbians Who Tech & Allies

Arlan Hamilton, Founder, Backstage Capital

4:30 pm
Panel: #TimesUp & How the Tech Sector Can Fight Sexism & Sexual Harassment // Stage 48, Main Stage

Moderator: Hilary Rosen, CNN

Tina Tchen, Co-head of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund; Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama; & Executive Director of the White House Council on Women & Girls

Robbie Kaplan, Founder of Kaplan & Company + Attorney in US v. Windsor

Bea Arthur, Founder + CEO, at In Your Corner

5:00 pm
Fighting for Black Futures // Stage 48, Main Stage

Alicia Garza, Co-founder, Black Lives Matter

5:15 pm
Panel: Trump, Technology & The Future of News

Moderator: Kara Swisher, Co-founder, Recode; NY Times Columnist

Maggie Haberman, White House Correspondent, for The NY Times

Lydia Polgreen, Editor-in-Chief, HuffPost

6:00 pm
After Party

Cocktails + Conversation



  • Breakfast
  • Career Fair
  • Workshops
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Closing Party



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