25 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss the Lesbians Who Tech Summit Again…Yes, You Should Have #FOMO #LWTSUMMIT

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Our Official Lesbians Who Tech Summit Wrap up

25. Thousands of hi-fives were had. Yes, at Lesbians Who Tech we LOVE hi-five. Why? Because they just feel good.

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24. We took over the CASTRO. It’s a very rare and special occasion the Castro sees this many women.

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23. FOOD TRUCKS. Need we say more.


22. We had over 1,200 Lesbians, Queer Women & Allies #SHOWUP


Seriously, we’re not joking. Y’all showed up in record numbers! You joined us from all corners of the world including London, India, Australia, Brazil, and  right here in the Bay Area.

21. Our summit happened in a bar (or rather Bars).

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 20. We Built Cool SH@! at our Hackathon


19. We made the line at Mango even longer (sorry Mango)


18. Our Allies showed up big time. #SHOWUP

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17. We had a hula hoop contest. Yes that’s right. And it was amazing.

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16. Great hair.


15. Great fashion. 

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14. More hugs than business cards. Obvi.


13. Fabulous bathroom signs & long restroom lines, as promised, but also MANY great connections made during said long restroom line.

12. Lesbians Who Tech SWAG


11. My dad got the tech support he needed.


10. Oculus!


9. Lesbians Who Bike!


8. The BEST Intro Video EVER!


7. The best emcees ever. Danielle Moodie-Mills & Erica Anderson Emceeing


Political junkie + professional tweeter = Radiant Hilarity

6. Our first-ever workshop track on Saturday. There was even pool and ping pong for people to take breaks.


5. Deep thoughts were had.

4. LIVESTREAM. If you missed the Summit you can grab a glass of wine, bring a friend and watch all the mainstage talks here.

3. Kara Swisher, re/code and Marc Benioff, Founder & CEO of Salesforce


2. Honoring Megan Smith, America’s CTO With the First Annual “Megan Smith Trailblazer award”


Also. Rumor has it that she has some good dance moves… She joined us at Mango!

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1. Aliya Rahman’s Truth Bomb


“If you want to hire women and people of color, HIRE THEM”

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