Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Lesbians Who Tech Summit

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You already know that there are tons of amazing reasons to come to the Lesbians Who Tech Summit, but how do you focus on the most important ones?

That’s why we’ve put together..

The Top 10 Reasons To Come To The Lesbians Who Tech Summit

  1. Hundreds of LGBT women in one room, but it’s NOT a girl party (aka no thumping music to try and talk over).
  2. You’ll hear from Megan Smith, the head of Google[x]. What’s Google[x]? It’s the crazy cool experimental lab at Google that’s working on super secret projects. (you know Google Glass? It came out of Google[x])
  3. Dave McClure! The loudmouthed founder of the incubator 500 startups, is a huge supporter of women and LGBTs starting companies, and we’re thrilled to have him as a judge for the demo session.
  4. Speaking of, there’s a demo session! A handful of lesbian founders get to demo the applications they’re working on. We get to stare in awe.
  5. It goes without saying, but it’s the best place to meet other like-minded women. We want you to network the hell out of this conference, and we’re building in some awesome networking time. From lunches at restaurants around the Castro, to networking throughout the event, you’ll meet other amazing queer women.
  6. You can grab some of your friends and get a discount on tickets! Five tickets gets 20% off, and 10 tickets gets 25% off. Email Leah to learn more.
  7. THE HACKATHON IS ON! Yes, we’re having a Hackathon on Saturday and Sunday. Ever done a hackathon with all women and queer women? You’re about to!
  8. It’s recruiting-tastic! Does your company have open positions? Fill them with queer women and increase the women and LGBT presence at your company! (It’s even sweeter if your company offers you a referral bonus).
  9. The after-party. BOOM.
  10. Let’s face it: you go to a tech event, it’s all guys. Go to an LGBT event, it’s all guys. We’re at the intersection of both, and we’re ALL about queer women and allies (yes it’s true, everyone is welcome). You seriously won’t find this anywhere else.

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today before prices go up!