Summit Attendee Letter to Lesbians Who Tech Community

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Come join this inspiring woman and 1,200 other fabulous lesbian women (and allies) at the Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco Feb 26- Mar 1! Register here! 

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Hello Queer Women Who Tech Summit Family & Friends,


I am one of the people that was awarded a summit scholarship to in order to attend the conference and I wish that there were a 100 more events like this all over the country.

As a young woman that is just coming out and finding where I fit in the world, the summit served as an incredible resource to meet other women that love computers & technological advancement as much as I do without feeling awkward about my sexual orientation.

Secondly, the summit provided examples of queer women of color (Kathryn Finney, the Moodie-Mills family, Natalia Oberti Noguera, Gena Rocero) that will now serve as possible models for my future as a queer professional and as well every brown LGBTQ woman that was sitting in the audience.

Many STEM or IT conferences that I have attended in the past, people of color are an after thought or an ignored demographic that is measured by bias statistics. My grandmother always says that in order for you to believe that a dream can turn into a reality- all you need to do is see it happening for a person in your community. It was so cool to see members of my community actively participating in the conversation in an inclusive, safe space.

On the other hand, I loved the Etsy hackathon, evening party in Greenwich Village and the platform that was included in the program for philanthropic organizations that are using technology to evoke change. My friends from UMD & Virginia Tech at Rails Girls DC are trying to volunteer with Black Girls Code  and are asking our employers to reach out to Girls Who Code to help bridge the gender gap at our respective tech firms. The summit was the best tech conference that I have ever been to since I didn’t feel out of place, felt comfortable enough to be completely myself and loved the community of inclusive sisterhood that you created.  

Since I have returned to DC, I have made plans to volunteer with Code for Progress and learn Python with Hear Me Code (Shannon is so nice & easy to talk to about programming). Finally, I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing work that you are doing, creating an event where LGBTQ women in STEM are celebrated in a meaningful way and I applaud you for taking the risk to create something that the world needed.

I have already made plans for the next summit and I’m inviting people from the DMV to plan a group trip for the 2015 conference in San Francisco. Keep up the amazing work and if you ever need a volunteer in the DMV, just let me know. Have an amazing weekend and stay blessed.


Live long and prosper,