Lesbian Tech Entrepreneurs: Summit Demo Session Recap

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At the Lesbians Who Tech Summit, we invited four amazing lesbian entrepreneurs to pitch their companies and applications in front of a panel of investors. The audience and the judges were so impressed by them, that we wanted to share them with all of you as well! Here’s a recap of the demo session, as told by our amazing entrepreneurs.

allie esslinger lesbians who tech

Allie Esslinger, Founder, Section II

Section II

Founder: Allie Esslinger, @allieesslinger

The Lesbians Who Tech Summit was an amazing opportunity to present Section II to its core audience, a group who already understands that there’s a myriad of stories about our underserved LBTQ community. Section II is a B-Corp and film company dedicated to #BetterRepresentation of queer women in popular culture. We acquire, create, and distribute curated, lesbian-related films and series. We deliver it through a multi-platform network of streaming and VOD channels housed at www.sectionii.com.

“I was blown away to share the stage, at a tech summit no less, with an Oscar winner and the founder of LOGO. What better affirmation that this is the time to build a company at the intersection of content and technology? We are looking for investors and collaborators as excited as we are that content was just named the next major startup market and who have experience applying big data to niche markets. For more information or to be involved, please be in touch: allie@SectionII.com.”


robyn exton lesbians who tech dattch

Robyn Exton, Founder, Dattch


Founder: Robyn Exton, @robynexton

Dattch is an app designed and optimised exclusively for lesbian, bisexual and not-so-straight women. Created from the wireframes up with a female user in mind, Dattch gets what women are looking for in dating. With verified profiles so you don’t need to worry about fake accounts and 3some offers, profiles are created like Pinterest boards so you can see who someone really is and there’s girlfriend mode so you can still connect with the community, even if you’re off the market. Dattch is what it looks like when you create a dating experience for women.

“Launching Dattch at the LWT was one of the most amazing days since setting up the business. We had incredible feedback and it’s led to investment offers, media write ups and people asking to come work with us. And all because of the amazing women at the event. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for continuing to help us spread the word.”


krys freeman lesbians who tech

Krys Freeman, Founder, HeLLA Rides, with judges Dave McClure (500 Startups), Christie George (New Media Ventures), Amanda Reed (Palomar Ventures) and Jordan Crook (TechCrunch)

HeLLa Rides

Founder: Krys Freeman, @krysfree

HeLLa Rides is a ride matching service, changing the way you commute everyday. We help commuters like you meet your daily commute needs, comfortably and reliably, by connecting you with neighbors who share your schedule and have a similar destination. If you prefer to drive, HeLLa Rides helps you find people in your neighborhood to ride in your car and share your travel costs. If you prefer to participate as a rider, we match you with drivers going your way and process your contributions toward gas and tolls automatically. Want this service in your city? Sign up at HeLLaRIDES.com to be notified when we launch.

“The Lesbians Who Tech Summit was a special kind of gathering – a homecoming if you will. While I’d never met most of the women I tweeted at, hugged or shared stories with, we greeted each other like old friends. I could not have asked for a more encouraging space to pitch my app concept for HeLLa Rides. I received a ton of great feedback, suggestions for where to expand after the Bay Area and leads from people who wanted to be a part of the project in one way, or another. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this inaugural event, and look forward to attending more events like this in the future.”


rachel wolan yadazing lesbians who tech

Rachel Wolan, Founder, YadaZing


Founder: Rachel Wolan, @rachelwolan

YadaZing is an app that helps the 1.5 billion English learners ($80B industry) move beyond basic English proficiency to fluency by delivering video-based, mobile lessons, personalized to the learners’ weaknesses and interests. Unlike Rosetta Stone, we do not use canned content and preset levels. We curate fun, authentic videos like TED Talks and clips from movies, build real English lessons based on the learner’s needs, and ensure she is exposed to a breath of speakers as well as topics so that she can begin to speak and understand *real* English with confidence.

“Pitching at LWT was a fantastic experience. The LWT crowd felt more intimate and supportive than other places we have pitched before. Since pitching LWT, I have connected with dozens of fantastic women who wanted to help YadaZing in some way or just simply share their experiences learning English, and tell me they wished YadaZing had existed when they were learning English.”

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