3 ways to go to the Lesbians Who Tech Summit New York for FREE

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Hi Everyone! Leanne here. We’re super excited for the second ever Lesbians Who Tech Summit – this time we’re having it in New York City.

This second summit is more accessible for you on the East Coast, but we want even more of you to have a chance to experience the magic of the only conference specifically for queer women in tech.  That’s why we’ve put together this list of the ways you can get to the LWT Summit NY for free.

Three ways to go to the Lesbians Who Tech Summit for free

(and one way to go for super cheap) 

1) Get your company to sponsor (your ticket cost: free)

We’ve put together some pretty awesome sponsorship packages, and they all include complimentary tickets for employees! The Summit is a fantastic opportunity for recruiting (well hello, women and LGBT people!), and to highlight diversity at your company.

HOW TO DO IT: Email your diversity officer or recruiting manager, and introduce them to Leah Neaderthal who’s working with companies to get them connected. If you’d like an email template to get the conversation started, please Email Leah.

2) Have your company buy a pack of tickets (your ticket cost: free)

If you know a few other queer women or allies who would want to come to the Summit, join up and get your company to get a pack of tickets!

Pack of 5 tickets: 15% discount
Pack of 10 tickets: 20% discount

HOW TO DO IT: email your ERG group, get a bunch of people together, and get your discount! Email Leah Neaderthal for your group’s discount code.

3) Get your company to reimburse you for professional development (your ticket cost, you guessed it: free)

HOW TO DO IT: email your boss and tell them that this is the ONLY event for queer women and tech, and you need to go for professional development! No HR person in their right mind would say no to an LGBTQ professional development event!

4) Apply for a scholarship (your ticket cost: very low)

If the options above don’t work, apply for a scholarship. We’re offering a limited number of scholarships to people who are cash strapped: startupers, students… even people who can barely afford living in New York. Apply for a scholarship and we can try to work something out.

HOW TO DO IT: fill out the scholarship application.

And if THAT doesn’t work, we still want you to come! We’re putting together this second summit that is still the ONLY event focused on queer women in tech. We promise it’s worth the value. Register today!