Sarah Spikes

Sarah Spikes

Bay Area Summer Academy Lead

Make School



I grew up below the poverty line, but got an amazing chance to attend an honors math camp in high school, and there was encouraged to aim high. I took the traditional path through education, attending Stanford University on a full (needs-based) scholarship, culminating in both a BS and MS in Computer Science. While there, I participated in the section leading (undergrad TA) program, which stoked my passion for education. I considered teaching straight out of college, but decided to get some real world experience with the subject matter. I worked at Google for two years as a Software Engineer, then spent two years Udacity, first as a Software Engineer, then a Course Developer, to have more of a hand in an educational venture. However, I missed in person teaching, so I took some time to explore that, teaching first with Girls Who Code, then Hackbright Academy, and finally landing full time at Dev Bootcamp. I’ve just departed from Dev Bootcamp and am going to be working with Make School as a site lead for their Summer Academy for the next few months.

As for my personal life, I am a bi/pan-sexual polyamorous woman. I’m coparenting a 2 year old with a close friend, and trying to build a robust and caring community of like minded people in Berkeley.