Robin Knauerhase

Robin Knauerhase

Research Scientist



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Robin Knauerhase whimsically describes herself as an “iconoclastic
punny geek Christian, aspiring polymath, and incurable horophile.”
Professionally, she is currently an Enterprise Platform Architect at
Intel. In 24 years at the company, Robin’s career has included
research into programming models for extreme-scale supercomputing,
distributed systems and cloud computing, operating systems, and
mobile/handheld data communications. She holds 41 patents and and has
published in numerous workshops and conferences. Robin works across
Intel groups, universities, and government agencies in creating and
fostering innovation and invention. She serves on the steering
committee of iGLOBE (Intel’s LGBT employee resource group) and as a
member of Intel’s Out-and-Ally Leadership Council.

Outside of work, Robin enjoys volunteer work on the boards of the
Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists ( and the
GLAD Alliance (, both of which advocate for LGBT
inclusion/equality in faith traditions. Recreationally, her hobbies
include science fiction, global travel, clever puns, and spicy foods.