Mikena Wood

Mikena Wood

Software Engineer



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Mikena is a Software Engineer on the Distributed Systems team at Optimizely, where she helps build and maintain their clickstream ingestion platform. She likes to think of her work as sparkling infrastructure with flamboyant, femme goodness. In reality, she is probably just a cute, gay girl yelling at machines. She is also an organizer and co-founder of Optimizely’s diversity and inclusion community group. She aims to create a space for empowering queer and trans solidarity in the workplace.

Outside of work, Mikena is a maintainer of Refuge Restrooms, an open source project to help trans and gender nonconforming individuals locate safe restrooms. When not in the tech world, you may find her rolling around on a baseball diamond like a child, crying over puppy videos with her partner, or gushing over queer lit.