Martyna Skowron

Martyna Skowron

Director of Strategic Customers

Castlight Health

San Francisco


Martyna is a healthcare thought leader, entrepreneur, and feminist functioning at the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and business.

Born and raised in communist and post-communist Poland, Martyna moved to the United States at 13 with her immediate family in pursuit of the American dream.

Since she was young as well as within her studies at Georgetown and Harvard, she has worked in both public and private sector of healthcare within the realms of policy, provider systems, management consulting, as well as most recently, within tech start-ups. Her interests focus on social entrepreneurship and how we can serve our communities and transform the healthcare system to ensure that individuals and communities can have the most optimal healthcare experience. Her expertise focuses on strategy, business development, leading change, operational management, and care redesign with proven results across her realm of roles.

Beyond her domestic healthcare work, Martyna has focused her time on serving within international aid health trips abroad. At Harvard, she started the Women in Leadership group at the School of Public Health and has continued to set up communities within her work spaces to ensure folks within the women and folks within the LGBT population have a space within their workspaces, universities, and communities. Martyna has also served on the Board of Mass Equality and Fenway Community Health Center in Boston.

In her spare time, Martyna spends her time on LGBT issues as well as traveling, photography, and pursuing a multitude of outdoor hobbies such as kite-boarding, running, and biking.