Francis Travis

Francis Travis

Operations Manager




Francis is an Operations Manager based in Denver, CO. He currently works in health tech at Gusto, a payroll, HR, and benefits platform focused on helping small to medium sized businesses, where he focuses on assisting businesses obtain health benefits and scaling internal teams. He uses creativity in his approach to problem solving and seeks data in identifying gaps and resolving company pain points. He’s a genuine communicator, creates a natural energy, and believes in culture building through diversity and inclusion. Francis started his career in digital rights media in Los Angeles where he served as a Business Analyst implementing royalties management software for production studios.

He truly believes everyone should be able to live happy, healthy, and equal lives. His hobbies include LGBTQ literature, tap dancing, and simultaneously training for a half ironman triathlon and the Berlin marathon. Francis completed his bachelor’s degree in geography with an emphasis in human geography from California State University of Long Beach.