Elizabeth Dzul

Elizabeth Dzul

YouTube Video Analytics Lead, Sponsorships & Media Programs




Liza Dzul is an analyst, marketer and ad research expert, whose insights help to construct next-generation premium programs on YouTube. Currently, her work supports the largest and most innovative livestream programs on YouTube, Coachella and E3. Previously, Liza worked as an Agency Strategic Business Manager at Google, and Employer Branding Consultant at Universum. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Liza earned her BA in International Studies, Spanish, and Russian at the University of Chicago (’08).

Outside of her work, Liza amply flexes her creative spirit : penning late capitalist pop hits with her band, Liza Warrior Princess; blogging about the struggles of strong Slavic womynhood at her blog, “It’s Fun to Be Ukrainian”; and creating alt.comics that point to the absurd in our social media personae & romantic-attachment to mobile devices. In addition to her professional and creative work: Liza is a passionate linguaphile and explorer, having visited >20 nations as a solo traveller and proud international cat lady. On that note: she has yet to meet a cat she does not like.