DeVaris Brown

DeVaris Brown


Floodgate Academy Inc



He’s a product manager and engineer specializing in building high growth, scalable products. Through strategic vision and technical expertise, DeVaris helps start-up to large companies and brands realize their vision by providing optimal solutions that allows each client to surpass their goals.

With an unwavering ideology that technology should be accessible to everyone, DeVaris helps those who want to pursue a career in tech through his non-profit Floodgate Academy. He’s spoken around the world at conferences and worked with countless non-profit organizations including NSBE, Black Girls Code, Hack the Hood and many more, to democratize access to technical resources and education.

DeVaris studied Math and Computer Science at the University of Illinois, participating in research fields of security, high performance computing, and compilers. His history of technical excellence and innovation led him to work at VSCO, Zendesk, Klick Push, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and currently as CTO and co-founder of Super Heroic. When he’s not sitting in front of a computer, you can find DeVaris behind a camera capturing moments in time or behind a set of turntables, moving a sea of people through music.