Christopher Jordan

Christopher Jordan

Senior Software Engineer

Brickwork Software

New York


I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Brickwork Software in New York City. We are a SaaS start-up focussed on modernizing the online-to-in-store customer experience and business operations of our retail clients.

Rolling back a bit, I started college full-time during my Junior year of high school, but after getting enough credits for my high school diploma, I made a conscious decision to step back and work in industry for a few years. After working my way up from a self-taught hardware technician to a dedicated IT Project Manager, I returned to school and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Business, after which, I accepted an offer to join Ernst & Young LLP (EY) full-time in NYC.

While with EY, I worked in their FSO Advisory “Digital”‚Äč practice helping build out their engineering arm, the Advanced Development Center. During my time with the firm, my primary role was as a software engineer and client-facing consultant, but I also led global teams as an APM and Scrum Master, headed up local recruiting initiatives, planned diversity events, designed and executed training courses, and served regularly as a mentor.

I joined Brickwork Software in early 2017 to help begin the transition of their monolithic Ruby-on-Rails application to a micro-services application and to assist their adoption of Agile methodology. So, while the majority of my day-to-day job is as a software engineer in core product development (RoR, Node, React), I also regularly assist with strategic architectural planning for micro-service and with Agile process improvements.

All of this has led me to become the ever-evolving and complex collision of passions I am now. I am an Agile evangelist, in the purest sense, and I find the greatest pride and engagement in bringing together the best and most diverse teams, to work on the newest technologies in order to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges!