Alexis Moody

Alexis Moody

Associate Software Engineer



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I am a web developer who is passionate about programming and technology. Using new techniques or technologies to make my code more efficient is something that excites me. Also, if I’ve decided to love something I love it as much as Joss Whedon loves to use one-liners.

Before I fell in love with code I wanted to be a lighting designer for theatre. Creating worlds and environments with nothing more than well placed instruments and a color palette is an invigorating thought. Eventually I found the theatre environment to be too resistant to new ideas, unlike the tech industry, and decided to leave my degree behind. A few years after graduating college I had some conversations with important friends and family who helped me decide to reignite my passion for technology and creating new things. Those conversations landed me in the throws of Dev Bootcamp. After I graduated I moved to DC and wound up at Contactually where I am currently an Associate Software Engineer.