Alexander Sayde

Alexander Sayde

Program Manager


San Francisco


Alex has been in love with computers and technology since he started teaching himself to code at age 11. He has continued this self-study throughout his life, despite pursuing a formal education in history and music composition at Northwestern University. During undergrad, he interned at two publishing companies and Google and spent a year consulting pro bono for Chicago-area non-profits on the side (plus wrote & produced his first chamber opera in 2014!).

Alex joined Google full-time in February 2015 as a Program Manager in the Google Cloud organization, where he continues to lead cross-functional teams of Product, Sales and Marketing folks in complex projects to serve the SMB space. He has devoted “20% time” to working to connect various non-profits (such as Lambda Legal, the Bay Area Video Coalition, and the Arab Film Festival) with Google resources.

Alex recently founded a non-profit, Queer Hack, with his good friend Teon Brooks, a Stanford cog sci post-doc. The organization aims to harness queer tech talent to serve intersectional social justice organizations through pro bono project work that fills their technology gaps. He’s extremely excited about this new project and can’t wait to meet folks at the Tech Summit who share his goals!