2024 Advisory Council Questionnaire

Squad Board Questionnaire

Advisors, first, thank you. We could not do any of this without you. Truly.

Your Action Items:

The goal of this survey is twofold. First, we wanted to recap our collective goals for 2024 below. Secondly, we want to know your professional goals and any friction you’re facing as our internal champion at your company. As a reminder, the goals below are a good faith effort. They are listed in order of our organizational priorities. Here is the full 2024 Advisory Council Deck.

  • Please complete the questionnaire below by March 22nd.
  • Review our 2024 Partnership Deck and set up calls with technology, marketing, talent, and diversity leaders. We love working with business units directly. You can find our partnership deck here :: 2024 Partnership Deck.
  • Save the dates :: 
    • New York Summit, September 17 – 20, 2024. We sent you a calendar hold. If you do not see it, please email us and let us know.
    • Advisory Council Calls
      • April 19th, 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST
      • May 24th, 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST
      • July 12th, 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST

    We may ask 1-2 of you to present on a specific topic or success story each call so you can learn and share best practices.

  • Please ensure our emails are saved in your contacts, and check your spam folder for any issues. 

Your 2024 Goals

  1. Organize 30-100 women, women of color, nonbinary leaders, and allies from your company to attend our New York Summit.
    There are a few different options in how leaders can engage in our New York Summit this year: the Squad Leadership Program, Squad (INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME) Leadership Program curated for the needs of your employees, or a ticket pack that includes a discount when you buy more than 10.
  2. Support our efforts to build a meaningful partnership with your company.
    We build partnerships with companies like yours focused on one or both of our two Summits (Pride & New York) or custom Annual packages that provide value in one or more of these areas: retention, recruiting, marketing, and business or client development. We have options.
  3. Connections to leaders and influencers both internally and externally.
    We know people with influence depend on the people they trust to help them make significant decisions, so we need help tapping into your Rolodex for potential speakers, squad members, and Advisors at other companies.
  4. Bonus: Host an in-person Pride Event in June or a Custom Local Event at your office during the year.
    There is so much value in bringing leaders to your office and connecting your current teammates, whether at a mini Summit, dinner, or panel. Let us bring our curated approach to building intentional events and experiences to one of your offices anywhere in the US or in major global cities like London, Paris, Mexico City, or Berlin. Events can be from May to July or mid-October through February of 2025.

2024 Advisory Council Questionnaire