Lesbians Who Tech is a Community of Queer Women in or around tech (and the people who love them).

Why Lesbians Who Tech?


To Be More Visible To Each Other

We all know that familiar feeling of meeting someone in a work setting, knowing she’s a lesbian, and trying to work it into a conversation and make that connection. We’re about making that happen: connecting lesbians and building a network of colleagues, associates and friends in the industry.


To Be More Visible To Others

Outside of Ellen, Rosie, Melissa, and now Tammy, what other mainstream lesbian role models can most people name? We need more examples of lesbian leaders and that means we need to come out as the amazing, successful people we are.


To Get More Women And Lesbians In Technology

Lesbians are women first, and right now women are some of the most gifted folks in technology, yet there are far fewer of us than there should be (women account for 1 in 15 people in STEM fields). Because there aren’t enough women, women are rarely quoted as experts by the mainstream media and blogs, on panels, etc. And add the element of being lesbian, it’s equally important for us to represent women, and out women, for our communities.


To Connect Lesbians Who Tech To LGBTQ And Women’s Organizations Who Are Doing Incredible Work For Community

There are so many groups who are fighting for our rights, and they need our support. Lesbians Who Tech provides a platform to raise awareness of their work and connect these organizations to queer women in the tech community.

Lesbians Who Tech Founder

Leanne Pittsford


Leanne Pittsford is an entrepreneur, investor and thought leader at the intersection of technology and diversity. As the founder of  Lesbians Who Tech, she’s built a global community of over 11,000 queer women and allies in tech to create community, increase visibility and improve representation among women and lesbians in technology. Before her work with Lesbians Who Tech, Leanne founded and led Start Somewhere, a design and technology agency focused on helping social good organizations. From 2006 to 2010 Leanne served as the senior director at Equality California, the largest statewide LGBTQ organization in the U.S. Leanne travels between San Francisco, DC and Berlin,. You can find her on Twitter at @lepitts.


City Directors

To contact any of the City Directors listed below, please email patty@lesbianswhotech.org.

Los AngelesNatacha Gaymer-Jones
Monica Taher
San FranciscoDom DeGuzman
New YorkAlysha Pearlberg
Suma Reddy
Rachel Cohen
East BaySara Johnson
Rachel Walker
BostonCori Allen
Kerrie Carden
StockholmNadia Zabehi
DublinJacqueline Russell
PortlandJen Oslislo
SeattleLeone Kraus
PhiladelphiaCJ Bachmann
BerlinVanessa Butz
TorontoVanessa Adams
DCShelly Waite
Silicon ValleyLindsay Brothers
Erica Chang
MinneapolisErica Kuhlman
Susan Greves
ChicagoJessica Ainlay
Burlington, VTMeg Randall
South FloridaChelsey Meise
Carmen Barron
ClevelandNichole Harris
DenverMeredith Wells
Therese Pocrnick

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